Welcome to a Future of Belonging

Together, we can change the way the world views autism


We turn to the future.

The i’mPACTT Campaign is our opportunity to create a future of belonging for every single person and community affected by autism.

Over the next five years, we expect this campaign to advance the larger human rights movement.

We invite you to join us on this journey.


With your help, change is possible

Our families, partners and supporters understand that we have a voice in building pathways of belonging.

From renovating our facilities, to ensuring programmatic sustainability; from developing our workforce, to strengthening our brand, PACTT is seeking to change the way communities see, think and speak about autism.


Make an


The i’mPACTT Campaign will build a transformative movement by prioritizing the following funding goals:

$3 million to improve our facilities and create therapeutic environments.

$1.25 million to expand PACTT programming.  

$1 million to secure financial growth and sustainability through a board-designated endowment.



Raised to date


“As a business person, I have gotten to know PACTT over the years. The percentage of funds that go directly toward benefiting their participants is at an elite level among nonprofit organizations.”

– Bill Auriemma
i’mPACTT Investor


I have gotten to know PACTT well enough over the years to see that they get a tremendous bang for the buck. I think there’s a terrific opportunity for PACTT to expand its reach.

Bill Auriemma
i’mPACTT Investor

When you donate to PACTT, an organization that is so fiscally responsible, you know your dollars are being spent on their mission. What is important is the integrity of what’s going on inside the building.

Shawna Egan
Former PACTT Parent

As my business grows, my donations to PACTT will grow. It makes you feel great. Like I am serving a purpose.

Ed Bellock
i’mPACTT Investor


Thank you for joining us on the journey


PACTT is an organization founded on the idea that everyone has the right to feel a sense of belonging and purpose in their community. We are proud of our more than 25 years of success in providing high-quality services that enable participants to live a more independent life.

Our participants make an impact daily – they volunteer, work, play, and live, helping others see the way in which they enrich the lives of their colleagues, neighbors, friends and families.

Over the next five years, we expect this campaign to advance the larger human rights movement by:

  1. Enhancing our current facilities

  2. Delivering person-centered programming

  3. Ensuring our financial vitality

  4. Elevating our voice as a leader in the autism field

Thank you for taking the time to consider contributing to our i'mPACTT Campaign. We look forward to you joining us on our endeavor to create a future of belonging.